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Our Commitment To A Better World

Earthwise bags are designed with the consumer and the retailer in mind, offering tangible benefits. They maintain and protect the environment while allowing each of us to make a difference in our everyday lives. Earthwise believes that we are all responsible for maintaining and fostering a clean, healthy environment and strong community ties. Reusable bags help reduce waste and pollution from plastic and paper bags, and promote earth conscious alternatives. It is for this reason that we all must Choose to Reuse. ™

Earthwise Bag Company partners with organizations around the country under the belief that everyone has a responsibility to make a positive difference in this world. We are actively involved with a variety of environmental, health, and human interest groups to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the planet and each other. Upon its founding, the company’s initial motivation was to help mitigate the effects that plastic bags have on our environment and we have furthered that goal to include helping our community.

Our partnership with the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) helped to remove over 4,500 lbs of trash at the River School Day in 2009 alone. Earthwise Bag Company partnered with DuPont™ and Albertsons to kick off the 2010 Great River Cleanup with hundreds of school children in attendance. We designed a fun Tyvek® bag which was sold at local Albertsons stores with all proceeds going to FoLAR. In addition, FedEx, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation co-sponsored the clean-up and Warner Bros. was well represented with a great group of volunteers. It is a wonderful example of how businesses and residents can come together and make a real difference in our communities. Want to see more? Check out the video!

Earthwise partners with Heal the Bay, an environmental organization dedicated to cleaning up the pollution in our waterways, to sponsor “a Day without a Bag,” a citywide event to highlight the importance of using reusable bags instead of disposable plastic or paper bags. Earthwise supports the day by donating 5,000 reusable bags. The bags are handed out to consumers at no cost helping them to transition away from single use paper and plastic bags. The County of Los Angeles has officially recognized Earthwise for our efforts in the community.

We also proudly participate with the Los Angeles County Brag about your Bag Campaign, an annual event designed to promote responsible bag practices by utilizing reusable bags in our everyday lives.

On a national level, Earthwise supports the Susan G. Komen foundation and through our generous retailers nationwide we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. In addition, our bag programs have brought added awareness and education.

Earthwise also works extensively with City of Hope, a biomedical research and treatment center dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer and other life threatening diseases. Earthwise, along with participating grocery retailers, donates a portion of our sales to City of Hope each year which supports a multitude of research and patient care programs.

The Children’s Project, Cancer Recovery Foundation of America has honored Earthwise for work that exemplifies a commitment to helping children who are battling this terrible disease. In addition, our efforts with the “I Have a Dream Foundation” are helping them reach their goals of helping “low-income, at-risk children become contributing members of their communities by providing a long-term program of academic and cultural enrichment, mentoring, tutoring, and following high school graduation, scholarships for higher education.”

This year Earthwise is taking our efforts a step further by initiating a long-term partnership with Homeboy Industries – creating green jobs in Los Angeles County while helping Homeboy achieve their long term goals. Homeboy is an organization dedicated to helping get people out of gangs and into jobs. Their slogan is “Jobs not Jails” and their goal is to recycle lives. Earthwise is proud to build an alliance with Homeboy and the California Grocers Association to promote continued job growth and provide second chances.

Earthwise continues to support numerous other organizations around the country including the Make-a-Wish Foundation, YMCA, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Coalition for Clean Air, An Orphan’s Bright Star, as well as food banks, youth commissions, church groups, book fairs, and schools.

There is no limit to what each of us can achieve if we join forces for the betterment of our communities.