Earthwise Donates Hundreds of Bags For Summer Reading Program

March 30, 2017 by adminify

Bedford Elementary School contacted Earthwise on a mission, looking for some good quality, sturdy reusable bags for their summer reading program.  This Title I school is located in Dearborn Heights, a suburb outside of Detroit, where over 85% of their kindergarten and first grade students come from low socioeconomic households. For 20 years now, Kerri A. Moccio, their Reading Specialist/Title I Coordinator, has been working with students who struggle daily with literacy.  These students require one common thing to help them become readers and writers – books to take home, to own, to enjoy with family, and to learn from – books that they pick out and are vested in, since new book purchases are often a luxury that these families can not afford.

Last year, Bedford was able to collect over 5,000 books to send home with their 400+ students for summer reading.  According to Ms. Moccio, “It was an amazing sight to see – seventeen classes of students “shopping” for their 10 FREE summer books.  The excitement in the air was palpable! Families were overwhelmed with gratitude and our youngsters’ smiles told us all we needed to know about the success of this huge project!”

Ms.Moccio went on to explain to us that they had just one hitch with the program….BAGS. So, they decided it was time to start contacting companies who sell good quality, sturdy reusable bags.  This would not only provide the children a means to carry their summer books home, but also give them a great bag to use, and reuse over and over again.  That’s where Earthwise came in.

Earthwise shipped Bedford Elementary 450 reusable bags for this wonderful program – and the children were delighted when all the bags arrived.  Ms. Moccio was kind enough to share this picture with us and the Earthwise team is delighted to support this program.

Elementary Literacy Program Children with EW Bags


In our email communication with Ms. Moccio, she wrote in part, “Thank you so very much for supporting our  literacy efforts here at Bedford Elementary.  Without the support of businesses like yours, we could NOT make important initiatives like this work for our students.”  “Literacy is a gift that will benefit our students forever.”



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