Earthwise Receives Albertsons 2013 Vendor of the Year Award

June 19, 2014 by adminify

L to R: Linda Weaver, Assistant Grocery Sales Manager – Grocery Non Foods Albertsons, Steven Batzofin, VP Marketing Earthwise, Greg McNiff, Vice President of Sales & Merchandising, Albertsons, Wayne Denningham, President, Southern California Division, Albertsons.

In April, Albertsons officially announced its 2013 Vendor of the Year Awards and honorees, recognizing key partners and suppliers for their contributions. In a formal letter to Steven Batzofin, VP of Marketing  here at Earthwise, Greg McNiff, Vice President of Sales & Merchandising, stated “over the past year, Albertsons has improved operating results across all departments and throughout all stores. Much of the credit for this success goes to our vendor partners. Among all vendors, certain partners stand out as consistently delivering “above and beyond” support to increase our sales as well as our customer service initiatives.” And, on behalf of the Southern California team, Mr. McNiff congratulated Steven as being the recipient of one of Albertsons 2013 Vendors of the Year.

Albertsons recognized Earthwise Bag Company as well as eleven other top supporting vendors for all their hard work, passion for selling, flexibility to help them work through their growing pains and a tenacious approach to doing what is necessary to support Albertsons. Based on that criteria, Albertsons selected their overall “best in class” vendor partners and recognized the honorees with a Vendor of the Year Award Ceremony and Luncheon in May even providing Steven with a specially-designated “Reserved Parking” space honoring him as one of Albertsons Vendors of the Year.

During her speech honoring Steven Batzofin and Earthwise Bag Company as a whole, Linda Weaver, Assistant Grocery Sales Manager – Grocery Non Foods stated in part “I am very proud to announce this outstanding vendor partner who has partnered with me this past year in growing and developing GM sales in a category that produced over $1 million dollars in sales year over year from 2008-2013. This category is Reusable Bags and this year’s vendor partner is Steven Batzofin with Earthwise Bag Company!”

Steven has worked with Albertsons and “has been an incredible vendor partner for the past 9 years”, according to Miss Weaver. In September 2005, Earthwise worked with the Albertsons GM buyer on a new reusable bag program featuring the Albertsons logo and Steven introduced the very first $0.99 reusable bag in the United States. The bag was launched in 25 Albertsons stores and Earthwise supplied one rack plus 1,000 bags per store for a 90-day test. As Linda so eloquently reminisced about the 2005 launch in her speech, “Within a couple of weeks, we were able to re-order and begin to add distribution in more stores. The reusable bag phenomena had instant attention and recognition…”

Earthwise has maintained the Albertsons business the past 9 years by providing excellent customer service, competitive prices and innovative products and merchandising. “Today Earthwise provides all of our stores high quality, eye catching designer reusable bags, seasonal bags, and the ever popular hyper local reusable bags custom fit to specific cites”, said Linda Weaver.

In the past few months, Earthwise has also gained distribution in Albertsons’ Northwest, Intermountain, and Southwest Divisions giving Earthwise presence in most Albertsons LLC’s Divisions.


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