Environmental Activism Started Early For Harvard University Freshwoman

June 7, 2012 by adminify

We recently came across an amazing young woman by the name of Chloe Maxmin. A freshwoman at Harvard University, and founder and president of the Climate Action Club and First Here, Then Everywhere the only online network by and for young environmentalists.  

In an article she wrote entitled “Lessons from Activism”, Ms. Maxmin elaborates on how she first became involved in the environmental movement when she was a mere 12 years old.  She clearly feels that the defining issue of her generation is climate change.  She has tirelessly worked with different groups to make this a reality.  She states, “Looking back, I have realized there are seven core components that create a successful movement.  I wanted to share them in the hope that they might be useful to other activists.”

After becoming involved in a campaign to save Maine’s North Woods from development, Chloe founded the Climate Action Club at her high school.  Two of her largest projects were nothing short of amazing.  First, they raised money to distribute 3,800 reusable bags in their town.  Then, this remarkable group of young activists installed solar panels on their school.  Even the Sundance Channel took notice, as they were filmed by the channel.  From there, everything else grew.

Chloe proclaims that her passion is the environment, and it will forever be her cause.  As she moves forward, working with other environmentalists around the globe, she finds herself fondly looking back at the Climate Action Club.  Even though they started off as merely another small town eco-club, their work proliferated across the state as well as the country.

Chloe Maxmin is an inspiration to everyone, especially our young, emerging leaders in sustainability.  All of us here at Earthwise believe that inspiring young people to green our world is of paramount importance.  So, cheers to Ms. Maxmin, as she is a prime example of young leadership and a champion in environmental activism.


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