About Hyper-Local Bags

Hyper-Local Bags

Stand Out From the Rest with Our Hyper-Local Bags

These are among the most unique, personalized bags we offer here at Earthwise. Each bag is sketched and hand-painted with your own, unique design. Partnering with an incredibly talented landscape artist, we have created some of the most stunningly authentic and beautiful reusable bags.  These Hyper-Local Bags have traditionally depicted the city or region in which our customers’ market, store or establishment does business.  And, these whimsical, colorful designs highlight their specific store, or stores if they have several in one area.

Our Hyper-Local Bags are available in a variety of materials ~ Woven Polypropylene or Coated Non-woven Polypropylene, either in a glossy or matte finish.

Not only do the Hyper-Local Bags advertise your store or establishment, but also the city or region in which you do business.  Local residents and patrons will be delighted to buy these to show their support in the community and tourists will welcome them to take home as souvenirs to use over and over again.  Stand out from the rest of the retailers in your area and contact us today for a quote on your custom-designed Hyper-Local Bag!

Unique Features

  • Exclusive, Personalized, Hand-Painted Design
  • 100% Recyclable – Available in a Non-Woven or Woven Polypropylene
  • 4-Color Process Printing in Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Strong, Durable and Water-Repellent
  • Hand Wash & Line Dry

Each Hyper-Local Bag design is exclusive to your business. These one-of-a-kind bags will make a great addition to your fine selection of reusable shopping bags.