New 125th Anniversary Reusable Shopping Bags Available at Redlands Albertsons

May 23, 2013 by adminify

Redlands, California is celebrating its 125th anniversary.  And, Albertson’s has been added to the list of local businesses and community members promoting the city’s 125th anniversary.

New reusable bags (manufactured and supplied by Earthwise Bag Company) carrying the anniversary’s custom logo (created by Richard Pennington of Pennington Designs) were recently made available at Albertsons Redlands store on Redlands Boulevard and Cypress Avenue.

Store manager Mike Enright said the bags celebrating the city’s anniversary were a natural fit for his store, which has previously sold bags featuring historic Redlands locations.  The first bags were released on December 1 and sold out within a number of weeks, Enright said.

“We sold 10,000 of the first design,” Enright said. “When those sold out, we had been considering what to do for a new design.”

Courtesy Photo: Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, left, and store manager Mike Enright display reusable grocery bags now for sale at the local Albertsons.

The new 125th Anniversary bags are available for $3.00 a pair. The idea for the bags stemmed from a conversation Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster, who heads up the anniversary committee, had with Albertsons Store Manager Mike Enright. “He came in and showed us the new logo and said, ‘You have my permission to use (it),'” Enright said.

These new reusable bags also feature the logo for Hangar 24 Craft Brewery. They are the second custom Redlands bags purchased by the store and sold to customers.  The first bag showcased the city’s rich history by featuring on the historic nature of the city’s long-standing orange groves, the University of Redlands, the Redlands Bowl, Kimberly Crest and other city landmarks.  That bag design is know as Earthwise’s Hyper-Local Bag and every design is custom-made for each customer and created around the city in which their store does business. 

“We have always wanted to do a second edition of our bags, but we didn’t want to do the same thing we did before. So we were trying to find ideas to make it different and unique,” he said when asked about the new design. “The people of Redlands are so proud of their city… and they supported our first bag, which we didn’t expect to sell out as quickly as we did.”

Although Albertsons is a corporation, Enright says the store’s Redlands location wants to connect with its local community as much as they can. These unique bags are just one way the store continues to focus on its promise.

“The store has been here since the 1960s, so it’s been a part of Redlands for a long time, and Redlands has such a rich history,” he said. “We wanted to do something special to connect with the community, and that’s why we wanted to do another bag. ”

City officials say that the city’s 125th anniversary officially kicked off in December with the annual Redlands Christmas Parade, which was sponsored by the city and the Kiwanis Club of Redlands. All anniversary celebrations continue through November, also according to city officials.

Any group or individual interested in participating or serving as a sponsor of the anniversary celebration may contact Tommi Ng at or 909-798-7514.

“We are just really excited and appreciate companies, local businesses and local outlets of larger businesses like Albertsons that are demonstrating a commitment to the community this way,” said Carl Baker, city spokesman. “Albertson’s is part of a chain, but their local store is operated by real people… and we appreciate Mike’s enthusiasm and the store for getting involved.

“And the same can be said… for all the other businesses who have joined in as well.”

Albertsons is at 450 E. Cypress Ave.


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