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Earthwise's full line of grocery bags and wine totes combine functionality and aesthetics, offering a great reusable bag at a very affordable price.

Welcome to Earthwise Bag Company, Inc., the premier supplier of reusable bags.

We have a lot of exciting new products for the environmentally conscious retailer and consumer.

Our Mission Statement drives our business: Earthwise is the brand of eco-friendly products that inspire responsibility and accountability because a fresh approach to feeling good about our planet should be simple, feel comfortable, and bring peace of mind.

It all started almost 10 years ago when Earthwise co-founders Stan, Steve, and Brenda were all concerned with the worldwide accumulation of plastic waste. Stan and Steve, both avid athletes and outdoorsmen, were also disturbed to find a growing number of plastic bags draped from the trees lining California’s jogging trails, streams, and parks. Not only was this urban debris a disturbing eyesore, but they soon learned that plastic bags had a severe environmental impact on the world. They were distressed by a shocking statistic: US consumers use an estimated 100 billion plastic shopping bags per year – 99% of which are never recycled. Stan, Steve and Brenda knew they had to change this statistic, and the best way was to offer an alternative that wasn’t just environmentally friendly, but offered other real and attractive benefits to consumers and businesses alike. In addition, Brenda saw reusable bags being used in supermarkets while on a trip to Australia in 2004 and they all had an immediate vision to bring the idea to the states.

Their solution: the Earthwise shopping bag – a durable, practical, inexpensive, and of course, environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic and paper bags found at grocery stores, retail shops, and department stores.

Today, Earthwise Bag Company is the premier supplier of reusable bags in the US and abroad.


Earthwise’s full line of shopping bags, multiuse totes, insulated bags, wine totes and produce bags combine functionality and aesthetics, offering a great reusable option at a very affordable price. They can also be fully customized, with a variety of colors to choose from and the option to display personal initials, graphics, messages, or a company logo.

Whether you are selling our bags in your stores, buying them for friends and family, using them as giveaways, promotionals, or fundraising items, Earthwise bags are a great way to showcase your business, organization, school, or charity while promoting sustainable behavior.

We have bags for all occasions in a variety of fabric options. Our talented in-house graphics team brings years of industry experience to the table. Let us help you design the look of your custom bag.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our revolutionary new DuPont ™Tyvek® bags which are multi-use in every sense of the word. The legendary strength and versatility of Tyvek® meets the fashion forward edge of Earthwise to bring you portable, fun and functional bags that will last a long time. Take a peek at our wine totes and accessories which come in a variety of styles to compliment your vino selections. Insulated bags, which keep food and drinks hot or cold for up to three hours make a great addition to your reusable bag collection. The car packs are a terrific promotional item for car dealerships and our book tote provides a wonderful way to show support for your College. The key chain bags are a great item for Casino loyalty cards or Hotel card keys packing a huge promotional punch.


Some of our most popular selling items are bags made from non-woven polypropylene, a fabric that is lightweight yet durable – not to mention recyclable and reusable, resistant to corrosion, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, washable, and water-repellent.

For a higher quality glossy print look you can opt for woven polypropylene and laminated PET, shiny or matte finish, with some styles made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our newest innovation in fabric comes to us from DuPont™. Tyvek® material is extremely versatile and is available in both hard and soft structures. Its smooth surface makes a great canvas for high resolution print on material that is exceptionally strong and durable. Our Tyvek® bags are tested to hold up to 65lbs, yet th bag itself only weighs an ounce. Tyvek® is easily recyclable at in store recycling bins or your curbside recyclables. Tyvek® is also machine washable and dryable – with each wash your bag will get a softer, more buttery texture. Order today and see for yourself what Tyvek® has to offer.


Never satisfied with just “good enough,” Earthwise has ventured out into the world to give back. We partner with organizations around the country to promote sustainability and personal responsibility. We are proud to work with non-profits like Friends of the LA River to clean up the debris in the Los Angeles River basin. We also support Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation, Coalition for Clean Air, Project Save our Surf, and a variety of other environmental groups to address the larger ecological issues of pollution. But we don’t stop with the environment, because here at Earthwise we truly believe that our responsibility goes beyond a healthy planet to a personal obligation to help people. To that end we work with City of Hope, The MS Society, Susan G. Komen, YMCA, and a variety of other charities to do our very best to make a difference in this world. For more information on Earthwise’s involvement or how you can make a difference too, check out our Community section.