The Great L.A. River Clean-Up

April 30, 2014 by adminify

Earthwise has been a longtime supporter of the Los Angeles River and has participated in many River Clean-Ups, this year being no exception.

Our partnership with the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) helped to remove over 4,500 lbs of trash at the River School Day in 2009 alone. Earthwise Bag Company partnered with DuPont™ and Albertsons to kick off the 2010 Great River Cleanup with hundreds of school children in attendance. We designed a fun Tyvek® bag which was sold at local Albertsons stores with all proceeds going to FoLAR. In addition, FedEx, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation co-sponsored the clean-up and Warner Bros. was well represented with a great group of volunteers. It is a wonderful example of how businesses and residents can come together and make a real difference in our communities.

One look at the L.A. River during a storm reminds us of the massive amount of trash that ends up in the river. Soda cans, Styrofoam packaging, candy wrappers, single use plastic bags and even shopping carts can be regular sights at the riverbed. Although these are small things in and of itself, it adds up to the number one source of pollution in Southern California.

For a quarter of a century, thousands of volunteers organized by the Friends of the Los Angeles River have helped clean up the terrible mess. This year, in celebration of this milestone, FoLAR kicked off their three Saturdays of clean-ups in thirteen sites, all along the 51-mile river, last Saturday 4/26. Earthwise President, Stan Joffe, participated in the clean up and Earthwise donated 3,000 reusable bags again this year for the River Clean-Up events.

“At FoLAR, we have a handful of staff. It’s beautiful to see thousands of people mobilized at the sites, but we really wanted a way to connect and converse with them even more”, explained Shelly Backlar, Director of Education Programs at FoLAR. By spreading the clean-up over three Saturdays, FoLAR is able to nuture better connections with its volunteers. And, because the events are spread out over three Saturdays, more FoLAR stafff is available at each site.

River Clean-Up Events:  

Saturday, April 26: Valley sites
Saturday, May 3: Glendale Narrows sites
Saturday, May 10: Lower River sites

9AM to noon each day

Earthwise and FoLAR Pictures of the River Clean-Up on 4/26 –

Stan Joffe, President of Earthwise, Christian Kasperkovitz and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

Thanks to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti for Pulling Trash out of LA River


Stan Joffe and Lewis MacAdams, Co-Founder & Current President of FoLAR



Volunteers from Parsons Brinckerhoff Pull Out Trash From LARiver on Saturday

Big thanks to crew from LA Conservation Corps for hustling all day long on Saturday to move supplies and trash at LA River CleanUp


Thanks to Earthwise for donating FoLAR Bags - Stan Joffe and FoLAR-Design Artist Christian Kasperkovitz Display Donated Bag


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